Street Sounds is a record label, music publisher, concert/event organiser and management company. Founded in 1982 by Morgan Khan, Street Sounds quickly became the de facto, brand and market leader of compilation albums, specialising in music of black origin, including all styles of street music. Street Sounds released innumerable compilations and has launched the careers of many recording artists. Morgan’s expertise and reputation within the record industry is enviable and unparalleled. Morgan maintains an inexhaustible reservoir of energy and enthusiasm, his love and passion for music and Street Sounds is the driving force behind the brand.

Described by Music Week as ‘iconic’, the Street Sounds record label in its 30 plus year history has been instrumental in shaping and defining street music. The label was responsible for introducing and pioneering various important music genres including Hip Hop/Rap and House music to the UK and European markets.¬†

The compilation albums and tracks released by Street Sounds have directly influenced and defined hundreds of thousands of people’s lives and have also been substantially responsible for today’s ‘street music culture’. Street Sounds has been accredited by numerous journalists as pioneering Electro, Hip Hop and House in the UK. Numerous publications and other media have documented the importance of Morgan Khan and Street Sounds to popular culture.

It is important to understand why there is such collective respect, support and love for Street Sounds. The reasons include, our heritage, the fact that we have our finger on the pulse of street music, made buying hit and expensive in demand American imports affordable & widely available for many people and we became the ‘sound of the street’. We are extremely proud of our heritage, pedigree and the respect that we have established with our audience and the media.

This is possibly one of the most exciting periods in Street Sounds history. Street Sounds has more relevance today and is reaching a far wider audience than ever before.

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