Cat. No.: SSNELP 004 / Limited Edition - Double Couloured Vinyl , Gatefold Sleeve

Crucial Electro 4 includes ‘Classics’ featured on the original Electro albums and also other monster Electro tracks that we did not include on the Electro albums. As well as including the full length original versions the album includes Re-edits of certain tracks exclusive to Crucial Electro 4! The Crucial Electro series was one of the most successful of the Street Sounds albums in the 80’s. The Crucial Electro albums were a ‘Best of…’ the original Electro albums and three Crucial Electro albums were released in the 80’s.
Track Listing:
DJ Cheese "More of the Raw" 5.00
Davy DMX feat. Chuck D & Cheese "I Remeber Hip Hop" 4.01
Redvenom feat. Man Parrish "B-Boy Supreme" (Boogie Down 2012) 4.53
Flashmaster Ray feat. Sin2 "Analog Feeling" (Street Sounds Version) 4.14
The Knights of the Turntables "Electro Gumbo" 4.40
The Freakazoids "What is a DJ" (Street Sounds Remix) 4.57
Lil Rocking G "The Adventures of Rocking G" 4.10
Yamasaki & Mr Spin feat. CRF "Empty Handed" (North South Mix) 4.06
Imperial Brothers "Breathe" 4.34
MTD "We are the Future" (Street Sounds Explosion Mix) 4.26
Analog Knights and Darxid "The Rhythm" (Street Sounds Version) 5.00
Diamondback Kid "Chambers of Chaos" (Electrofunk Remix) 4.31
Cybernet City Soldiers "Cybernet city 2012" (CBR Orchestral Mix) 4.49
Audio Sonic Crew "Nuclear Fallout" (New Video Remix) 5.07
Black Electronics "Funk Electric" 5.23
Utilizer "Resistor" 6.48

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