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On July 19th 1986 the UK witnessed what was and still is the biggest live UK Hip Hop event to this day. Hosted by Mike Allen it featured an amazing line up of many of the top Hip Hop recording artists of the day, who performed one afternoon and one evening show at Wembley Arena. The event was organised by Street Sounds as part of Capital Radio's 'Capital Music Festival'. 



Street Sounds released a 12" single by Hashim called 'UK Fresh '86 The Anthem' and the album Hip Hop/Electro 13 to celebrate the event.

Listen to UK FRESH '86!

Courtesy of 'Old Skool Fool' (YouTube) - 10 parts


UK Fresh '86 part 1of10


UK Fresh '86 part 2of10


UK Fresh '86 part 3of10


UK Fresh '86 part 4of10


UK Fresh '86 part 5of10


UK Fresh '86 part 6of10


UK Fresh '86 part 7of10


UK Fresh '86 part 8of10


UK Fresh '86 part 9of10


UK Fresh '86 part 10of10

UK FRESH '86 - Official Programme:

15,000 people at Wembley Arena showed that Electro/Hip Hop was the sound of a new generation.

I looked around and Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones) was standing behind me. I remember him saying to me "How is this place (Wembley Arena) so full and look at the energy, I've never heard of any of these (acts)". Morgan Khan

UK FRESH '86' was a pivotol moment in Hip Hop culture!

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Event photos courtesy of:  Alex Davidson, Anthony Penfold, Shaun Dowling & anonymous.