Formats: LP: ELCST 13 / CASS: ZCELC 13 / Released: 1986

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. Grandmaster Flash “Style” (Peter Gunn Theme)   

Produced by: Joseph Sadler & Vincent Castellano

2. Afrika Bambaataa and Family “Bambaataa's Theme” (Assualt On Precinct 13)   

Produced by: Rae Serrano, Leroi Evans & Afrika Bambaataa

3. Hashim feat. MC Devon “UK Fresh '86” (The Anthem)   

Produced by: Paul Phillips

4. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde “Fast Life”   

Produced by: Kurtis Blow

5. Aleem “Get Loose”   

Produced by: Tunde - Ra Aleem, Taharqa Aleem, Leroy Burgess & Sonny Davenport

6. Masquerade (Solution To)” The Problem” (The Definitive Dance Mix)   

Produced by: Paul Phillips

7. Sir Mix-A–Lot “Square Dance Rap” (Power Mix)   

Produced by: Sir Mix -A-Lot

8. Captain Rock “Return Of Captain Rock”   

Produced by: The Fantastic Aleems

9. Information Society “Running” ("The Nest" Remix)   

Produced by: Paul Schwitters

10. World Class Wreckin' Cru “Mission Possible”   

Produced by: Lonzo & Dr. Ore

Side B

1. Lovebug Starski “Amityville”   

Produced by: Kurtis Blow

2. Joe Ski Love “Pee-Wee's Dance”   

Produced by: Vincent Davis

3. Just-Ice “Latoya”   

Produced by: Biggy Rat & Itchy Brother

4. M.C. Chill “The Prophecy, Part 1” (In The Beginning)   

Produced by: Mike Nice

5. Eric B feat. Rakim “Eric B. Is President “  

Produced by: Eric Barrier

6. M.C. Boob A.K.A. Steady "B" “Bring The Beat Back”(Vocal)   

Produced by: Lawrence Goodman

7. Real Roxanne, The With Hitman Howie Tee (Bang Zoom) “Let's Go Go Go”   

Produced by: Full Force

8. Roxanne Shante “Queen Of Rox”(Shante Rox On) (Street Version)   

Produced by: Marley Marl

9. Easy Mike “The State We're In” (Vocal)  

Produced by: M.C. Sure Shot Easy Mike

10. Mantronix “Ladies”