Formats: LP: ELCST 3 / CASS: ZCELC 3 / Released: 1984

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. Divine Sounds “Dollar Bill” 

Produced by: Clark Jay & Jerry Bloodrock

2. Imperial Brothers “We Come To Rock”   

Produced by: Aldo Marin & Jerry Calliste Jr.

3. Newcleus “Jam On It”   

Produced by: Joe Webb & Frank Fair

Side B

1. Boogie Boys “Zodiac”   

Produced by: Ted Currier & David Spradley

2. Pumpkin “King Of The Beat”   

Produced by: Pumpkin

3. Davy DMX “One For The Treble” (Fresh)   

Produced by: David Reeves Jr.

4. Fresh 3 MC's “Fresh”   

Produced by: Dave Ogrin & Bill Moore