Formats: LP: ELCST 6 / CASS: ZCELC 6 / Released: 1985

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. UTFO “Roxanne, Roxanne”   

Produced by: Full Force

2. Real Roxanne, The (With UTFO) “The Real Roxanne”   

Produced by: Full Force

3. Capt. Rock “Cosmic Blast”

Produced by: Tunde-Ra Aleem & Taharqa Aleem

4. Roxanne Shante “Roxanne's Revenge”

Produced by: M2

5. Whodini “Freaks Come Out At Night”  

Produced by: Larry Smith

Side B

1. Egyptian Lover “My House” (On The Nile) 

Produced by: The Egyptian Lover

2. Bobby Broom “Beat Freak”

Ted Currier & David Spradley

3. Doug E. Fresh “Just Having Fun”(Do The Beat Box) 

Produced by: Bobby Robinson

4. Doug E. Fresh “The Original Human Beat Box”   

Produced by: Vincent Davis