Formats: LP:ELCST 15 / CASS: ZCELC 15 / Released: 1986

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. Duke Bootee “Broadway”   

Produced by: Duke Bootee

2. Skinny Boys “Awesome”   

Produced by: Mark Bush

3. Kurtis Blow “The Bronx”   

Produced by: Kurtis Blow

4. DJ Scott La Rock, Blastmaster K.R.S. One & D - Nice “South Bronx”   

Produced by: Boogie Down Productions

Side B

1. Just-Ice “Cold Gettin' Dumb”   

Produced by: The Lord High Ruler And Emperor Of The Beat

2. Faze One “Layin' Down A Beat “(Censored Version)   

Produced by: Dave Ogrin

3. Move, The (2) “Greedy Girls “(Extended Version)   

Produced by: Cozmo "D", Chilly "B", The Move

4. Captain Rock “Bongo Beat”   

Produced by: Taharqa Aleem & Tunde Ra Aleem