Formats: LP: ELCST 14 / CASS: ZCELC 14 / Released: 1986

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. Awesome Foursome “Monster Beat”   

Produced by: Gregory Marius & Ted Riley

2. Tricky Tee “Leave It To The Drums” (Here Come The Drums) (Club)   

Produced by: Sam Sever

3. T La Rock “Breaking Bells”(Club)   

Produced by: Mantronik

4. Mixmaster Gee and The Turntable Orchestra “The Manipulator” (Extended Version) 

Produced by: Greg Royal

Side B

1. Divine Sounds “Me And My Posse”   

Produced by: Jerry Bloodrock & Michael Dowling

2. Fresh Force “She's A Skeezer”  

Produced by: Charlie Casanova and Fresh Force

3. M.C. Chill Guest Appearance by BeatMaster T “Downbeats”   

Produced by: Mike Nice

4. Skinny Boys “Rip The Cut”   

Produced by: Mark Bush