Formats: LP: STSND 008/ Cass: ZCSTS 008 / Released: 1984

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. Luther Vandross “I Wanted Your Love” 05:38  

Produced by: Luther Vandross and Marcus Miller

2. Julius Brown “Never Too Late” 05:41  

Produced by: Butch Ingram

3. Kenny G “Hi, How Ya Doin'”? 05:37  

Produced by: Wayne Braithwaite

4. Roz Ryan “Boy Where Have You Been” (Long Version) 06:45  

Produced by: Butch Ingram

Side B

1. Barbara Mason “Another Man” 06:56  

Produced by: Butch Ingram

2. Billy Griffin “Serious” 05:00  

Produced by: John Barnes

3. Lew Kirton “Just Can't Get Enough” 04:22  

Produced by: R. Timmons, Jr.

4. Mirage feat. Roy Gayle “Give Me The Night” (Medley) 10:00  

Produced by: Nigel Wright