Open A&R Policy

Unlike most record labels these days, which do not accept unsolicited material, Street Sounds welcomes recieving your music!

Send us your music, as finished tracks, or demos. Let us work with you to realise the full potential of your talent and tracks. You can securely submit your music to our dedicated Hightail dropbox. Hightail dropbox URL: 

The "UNSIGNED" album series

There will be several Street Sounds UNSIGNED series of albums, incorporating different genres of music, Urban; Hip Hop & Soul and Dance; House, Grime, Trap, Jungle, etc. We are looking for artists, songwriters, producers, musicians and remixers from around the world in ALL genres! We know that there are national, and regional styles, trends & variations. We want to give your talent and musical creations a platform for maximum exposure. 


If you want to be considered for inclusion of the UNSIGNED series, all you need to do is to securely submit your music to our dedicated Hightail dropbox.

Hightail dropbox URL: 

Hopefully many of your questions will be answered in our FAQ section, however, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, either use the form below or email us:


SHAPE YOUR FUTURE! It all begins here. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to work for you!
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Street Sounds was conceived from the need to expose and make available the latest, most upfront music from the streets of America to UK and European audiences. The concept was born from Morgan Khan's love of music as a fan and from his own frustration of not being able to get hold of certain tracks because they were either US imports, that cost...