Formats: LP:ELCST 18 / CASS: ZCELC 18 / Released: 1987

Track Listing:         

Side A

1. Renard With No Regard feat. Ced What? “We'll Make Your Body Move”  

Produced by: William (Billy) Hines

2. Devastator, The “Devastation”   

Produced by: Lyvio G & P Fine

3. Jazzy Keith “Force Desire”   

Produced by: David Eng

4. Seville feat. Jazzy Jay “Take A Walk”  

Produced by: Jazzy Jay

5. Frick 'N' Frack “Go Southside”  

Produced by: Marley Marl

Side B

1. Frick 'N' Frack “Who's On Mine”   

Produced by: Marley Marl

2. Kings Of Pressure “You Know How To Reach Us”   

Produced by: Hank Shocklee & Carl Ryder

3. Kay Gee The All Featuring D.J. Drew “She's A Dog”   

Produced by: Kay Gee The All

4. Jury, The “The Cotton Club”   

Produced by: T. Carn

5. Royal Ron “Opsta Now”   

Produced by: Schoolly - D

6. Almighty El-Cee, The “We Have Risen”  

Produced by: Freddy Bastone