Formats: LP: ELCST 8 / CASS:  ZCELC 8 / Released: 1985

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. Sparky Dee vs. Playgirls, The “The Battle”   

Produced by: Spyder "D"

2. Davy DMX “The DMX Will Rock” (Rap Mix)   

Produced by: David Reeves Jnr.

3. Aleem “Confusion”   

Produced by: Tunde-Ra Aleem & Taharqa Aleem

4. D.E.F feat. D. J. Three D “D.E.F Momentum”   

Produced by: Three "Three D" King & John J. R. Jackson

Side B

1. Marley Marl feat. M.C. Shan “Marley Marl Scratch”   

Produced by: Marley Marl

2. B-Boys, The “Girls”   

Produced by: Vincent Davis

3. Papa Austen With Great Peso, The “Wrong Girls To Play With” (Dub)   

Produced by: Master O.C. with Chain 3

4. N.Y.C Cutter “D.J Cuttin”   

Produced by: M.M.I