Formats: LP: STSND 009  / Cass: ZCSTS 009 / Released: 1984

Track Listing: 

Side A

1. Gap Band, The “Someday”   

Produced by: Ronnie Wilson

2. Carl Anderson “Don't Make Me Wait”   

Produced by: John "Skip" Anderson & Steve Williams

3. Ingram “Night Stalkers”   

Produced by: Family Productions

4. George Howard “Steppin' Out”   

Produced by: Dean Grant

5. A.B.'s “Deja vu”   

Produced by: Toshio Oquri

Side B

1. Stanley Clarke “Heaven Sent You”   

2. Reel To Reel “Love Me Like This”   

Produced by: Leon F. Sylvers III

3. Jones Girls, The “Keep It Comin'”   

Produced by: Keni Burke

4. Funk Deluxe “This Time”   

Produced by: Randy Muller